image Sing Street

I saw the trailer for John Carney’s Sing Street (2016) a few months ago, thought it looked pretty good and hoped I’d stumble onto it sometime later in life (just for the sake of transparency here, some motivation came from the fact that I found the lead character’s older brother cute). Which is exactly what happened when I opened up Netflix and saw that it had been added recently, so I did what any unemployed, post grad would and gave it a mid-day whirl. Sing Street follows the story of Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) and his gang of friends in 1980’s Dublin as they unite to do the most important thing a teen can, impress a girl. It features all the music your parents made you listen to in the car growing up and some sick, sick styling. It also features a surprise *Adam Levine song that feels a bit like a bombardment of modernity, so there’s that.

So, Is It Fun? Hell yeah, it’s fun. Boys starting bands, young love, coming of age, the 80’s, Ireland?! What’s not to love, honestly.

*Update 06/09/2017- I said Adam Lambert and meant Levine. Got to keep those Adams straight.


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