So What’s Happening Here?

I love movies and always have. I love talking about them to unsuspecting victims who really don’t care about what I have to say (and to be fair, some who do) and my sister, who generally enjoys the conversations. I love talking about the way they were filmed, how they were acted, what I would have done, what I wouldn’t, character development, plotting, pacing, and all that good stuff. That being said there’s a time and a place to discuss the complexities of film and it’s not here. Sometimes, you just want to romp it up through the movie world and have a bit of fun. I’ll tell you what movies are fun and which ones aren’t. It’s the blog no one demanded, but I think we all need.

So if you decide to join me, I’ll be posting these movies as I come to them (generally, through streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu) and in my posts, I’ll be including how I found them, a brief synopsis, and my ultimate judgement on whether or not it was a fun film to watch. Keep in mind that a fun film, doesn’t mean a good one and a non-fun film, doesn’t mean a bad one! I’m just telling you whether or not watching was a fun experience.


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