If it seems like I’ve immediately given up on my blog after three posts, that’s not it. I’m just incredibly lazy and also haven’t watched any movies. That is until tonight, during which I watched John R. Leonetti’s Annabelle (2014), which aired on good ol’ Syfy tonight. It’s a tie-in to the Conjuring films focusing on the very creepy, titular doll, Annabelle. Mia (played by the Jane Seymour aka Grace Shelby aka Annabelle Wallis) is a young mother expecting her first baby and bidding her time by collecting creepy dolls, a habit supported by her surprisingly supportive husband, John (played Ward Horton who looks like some sort of modern day, young Kip Pardue. Why do I know Kip Pardue? I don’t know, but I miss him and wish him well). Like in most horror movies, the shit hits the fan. This time it involves some Manson Family-esque cult activity, murder, and the subsequent possession of a doll. Every family has a story like this.

Is It Fun? Um, it’s not not fun? To be fair, I’m not paying that much attention. Meaning I’m writing this as I watch it. I mean, horror movies are almost always going to have a fun rating because who doesn’t love an old fashion scare but I don’t think this movie quite makes the cut. The scares are fun, but not consistent enough for the whole movie to be fun. I can’t tell if I like how 60’s Mia is (that name, the whole Hitchcock blonde thing she has going on). I mostly love but it also feels a little on the nose. I think I like it, but I’m liable to change from day to day if not minute to minute. Mostly I’m not paying attention, but when I do it’s alright. This movie gets a solid “eh” rating.



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