High School Lover

While I have yet to write a Lifetime movie review, I think it’s best to establish early on that I’m not above it. 2017’s High School Lover, produced by and starring James Franco,covers a  very relatable tale- High School Girl sneaks out to a city club, where High School Girl meets Movie Star Boy, who in this case is actually grown man. The two fall in love but ultimately the Movie Star Full Grown Man turns out to be a creep (shocker) and stalker and attempts to kill High School Girl’s dad. We all had a story like this floating around our high schools. I know what you’re thinking but James Franco actually plays the dad in this film, which is an unexpected but nevertheless upsetting mark of time, and The Borgias’ Francois Arnaud plays the obsessed movie star. I loved him in The Borgias and am thrilled to see him ironically acting in a Lifetime movie. It is and was my dream for him.

Is it fun?

Yeah, boy. It’s not 90’s era Lifetime fun, but it’s still a ridiculous premise and mindless. It runs slow in all honesty, but if you need a background movie you can be half watch with interest, half with disdain, this is one of those!


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