The Disappointments Room

What’s two months between friends? I’m back with a review of director D.J. Caruso’s The Disappointments Room (2016). The film focuses on a family whose names somehow managed to escape me during the whole 85 minute run. I just referred to the family as “Kate Beckinsale and them” and it got the job done. Kate Beckinsale and them move from the Big City to a brokedown mansion (or palace you might say, if you’re into Kate Beckinsale driven humor) in the South though I didn’t figure this out until about halfway through the movie and no explanation was given as to why they would move from the New York to North Carolina but that’s okay. It’s haunted. There’s a big, bad room that no one should enter, which of course she does. Things go badly.

Is it fun?

Horror movies are almost always fun. However, this one isn’t really. It’s not the absolute worst by any means but it’s just not that interesting. To be fair, it seemed like it was positively gutted in editing, particularly the end, but it still was not fun. At least it can be said that it lived up to its name (especially considering that the writer, Wentworth Miller, penned the stellar Stoker).



  1. Kate Bekinsale driven humor is my forte and my muse! So I disagree with this review to an extent. Agree To disagree!! Love your blog!


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