Bang Bang Baby

I’ve pretty much wanted to see this movie since Suburgatory was still on air (RIP Chatswin) so I was delighted when I realized that we live in a modern world where I can purchase pretty much any movie on the Internet. So I did! Jeffrey St. Jules’ Bang Bang Baby (2014) focuses on Stepphy (Jane Levy),  a young girl with hopes of escaping her small town, Canadian life. When Bobby Shore, a sort of ghoulish Elvis Presley (Justin Chatwin), gets stranded in Stepphy’s pastel, cotton candy world, she might just have found a way out. That is until a toxic mist leaks out of the local plant, turning everything topsy turvy.

Is it fun?

Full disclosure, I am shallow enough to like a movie simply because the main character and I have the same name, though she spells it wrong. That being said- yeah, it was pretty fun! It felt a little long towards the end and took some turns for the more serious, but it was pretty and silly and fun. I mean it’s a musical set in the ’60s with villainous purple mist! The titular song is also a total banger.


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