Ooh, boy. In college, I developed a taste for westerns beyond Wild Wild West, Zorro, and As the West Was Fun, which is, as the title infers, fun. It goes without saying that so are the other two. I started to appreciate the portrayals of the lawless and grittiness and humanity that perseveres in the face of that environment. When I found out that Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone (2016) adds in a Fanning sister on top of that, I was so there for this movie. It follows Fanning as a family woman, made mute by lack of tongue, as she fights against a real asshole of a reverend (Guy Pearce). While Kit Harington is on the poster, he isn’t actually in much of this long, long movie- though I do really like his character. Carice Van Houten rounds out this great cast and this is the movie she fell in love with her current husband, none other than Guy Pearce.

Is it fun?

A lot happens in this film and none of it is fun! I didn’t hate it like a lot of people did but whew, it was dark.


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