Pastels? Check. Pretty clothes? Check. Female driven story line? Check. Soft lighting? Check. Kirsten Dunst? Check. Sofia Coppola is back, bitches. Beguiled (2017) centers around a girls school run by Nicole Kidman and her underling, Kirsten Dunst. Despite there being one Torro in the atmosphere, the teachers and their three students are hot and bored and having to do their own chores for the first time in their live during the upheaval of the Civil War. When one of them brings home a wounded Colin Farrell, there’s even more upheaval aka everyone loses their damn mind because he’s hot and charming, despite being an enemy Union soldier in the South. Shenanigans ensue. Kind of. Ish. The ensuing is done very slowly.

Is it fun?

It’s not as fun as you’d think but I’ll give it a pass. The pacing was a little slow/off  (I both liked and disliked the slowness because humans are complex and irrational) and Colin Farrell losing his mind didn’t last long enough for me, tbh. That being said I enjoyed watching it and am glad to have shared the experience with 8 white haired women whose whispers were loud enough to be screams. Miss ya, girls!


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